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FastFood - The World's Fastest Furniture


The Record - Santa Pod Raceway

Sunday 6th September 2010


FastFood did two officially timed runs,
the first (up the track) timed at 112.8 and the second (down the track) 114.8 giving a new world record time of 113.8 MPH.

These speeds are an average speed over a 500 meters measured distance NOT a top speed,
the terminal top speed at the end of the run was in excess of 130 MPH.

On the first run the 'start' timing sensor was 150 metres before Santa Pod's finish line, you will notice in the video
Santa Pod's timing system clocked FastFood at 97.35 as it passed their finish but the second 'end' sensor was
350 metres past this point and FastFood was still accelerating.

A big thank you to Darren Prentice and all the Santa Pod crew for all their help and assistance.

Photos courtesy of Andy Willsheer

1st run - Off we go 1st run - The table threatens to take to the air.
1st run - 112.8 MPH 2nd run - 114.8 MPH
Who else has raced down Santa Pod the wrong way ?
Fastfood table
FastFood Perry with Darren the Santa Pod Track Director
fastfood world record
Thumbs up : We've done it. New record 113.8 MPH
Worlds fastest furniture - The  crew

The record is ours ~~~ Perry with family and crew



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